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Altan- Blackwater

Item# CD-EMD-41381
1] Johnny Boyle's/King of the Pipers (Jigs)
2] Dark Haired Lass/Biddy from Muckcross/Sean Maguire's (Reels)
3] 'Stor, A Stor, A Ghra (Song)
4] Strathspey/Con McGinley's/The Newfoundland Reel (Strathspey & Reels)
5] Ta Me 'Mo Shui (Song)
6] An Gasur Mor/Bunker Hill/Dogs Among the Bushes (Hornpipe & Reels)
7] Molly Na gCuach Ni Chuilleanain (Song)
8] Jenny Picking Cockles/Farewell to Leitrim/John Doherty's (Reels)
9] Ar Bhruach Na Carraige Baine (Song)
10] The Dance of the Honeybees (Hornpipe)
11] Blackwaterside (Song)
12] A Tune for Frankie (Jig)
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