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Celtic Panpipe Moods

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Sometimes the strangest of bedfellows form the best alliances. In this case the haunting sound of the South American Panpipes added to the enigmatic and evocative sound of the Gregorian chant have combined to give 16 timeless Irish melodies a new and magical flavour. If there is a reason for this unique collaboration it must surley lie in teh essence of musical traditions. All place great emphasis on the spirit, the emotive and the personal. The panpipes carry you off into another world where the rigours of the day give way to a sense of ease adn relaxation. the tracks include such classics as Ride On, Mise Eire and The Lonesome Boatsman. Never was it easier to put up your feet and leave the cares of the day behind.

TRACKS: 1. Ride On 2. The Spinning Wheel 3. Love Thee Dearest 4. Spancil Hill 5. She Moved Thru' the Fair 6. Flight of the Earls 7. Love's Old Sweet Song 8. Mise Eire 9. The Lonesome Boatman 10. Derry Air 11. Carrickfergus 12. Ag Criost and Siol 13. The Sally Gardens 14. The Mountains of Mourne 15. Steal Away 16. My Lagan Love
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