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The Celtic Tribute to Led Zepplin

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The legend of Led Zeppelin needs no introduction. The combination of the Page, Jones, and Bonhamís groundbreaking musicianship and the sensual howl of Plantís vocals created a sound that is still imitated but impossible to matchóa mystical force that is truly the Hammer of the Gods. Although they are renowned as purveyors of heavy rock, the band also had a softer side influenced by Celtic themes and traditional English folk music.

1 Black Mountain Side
2 The Battle of Evermore
3 Over the Hills and Far Away
4 Thank You
5 Black Dog
6 The Rain Song
7 Dazed and Confused
8 Rock and Roll
9 Thatís the Way
10 What Is and What Should Never Be
11 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
12 Going to California
13 Stairway to Heaven
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