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Cherish the Ladies - The Back Door

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On The Back Door, jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes pour forth with tremendous energy, while the band's treatment of Maurice Lennon's air If Ever You Were Mine is breathtakingly beautiful. There are two tracks spotlighting the extraordinary hard-shoe stepdancing of Eileen Golden, Linnane Wick, and Winnie Horan together, as well as one other by Win herself.

Track Listing

1) Characters' Polka / The Warlock / The Volunteer / The Donegeal Travelor

2) The Back Door

3) Redican's / Sean Ryan's / Take the Bull by the Horns

4) The Dance: Galway Hornpipe / Dessie O'Connor's / The Moher Reel

5) Coal Quay Market / Happy Days / Rabbit in the Field

6) Maire Mhor

7) If Every You Were Mine

8) Paddy O'Brien's / Toss The Feathers / Jenny Dang The Weaver

9) My Own Native Land

10) Pepin Arsenault / The Shepherd's Daughter / A Punch In the Dark

11) Three Weeks We Were Wed

12) Jessica's Polka / Tear the Calico / I Have No Money

13) Carrigdhoun

14) Redican's Mother / Humours of Westport / The Morning Dew / The Glass of Beer / Youghal Harbor
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