Cherish the Ladies- Threads of TimeZoom

Cherish the Ladies- Threads of Time

Item# CD-RCA-63131
"Threads Of Time"
The Ladies' major label debut featuring numerous original compositions and songs including their hit "Ballad of the Foxhunter" and the "Bonny Light Horseman."

1. Rolling in the Barrel/The Pinch of Snuff/Vincent Campbell's/The Gallopi
2. High Germany
3. Thady Casey's Fancy/The Ladies' Pantalettes/The Monaghan Twig/The Linen
4. Her Mantle So Green
5. Ballad of the Foxhunter
6. Liza's Dream/The Westside Highway
7. Battle of Aughrim/The Star Above the Garter
8. Lake Isle of Innisfree
9. Tip Toe Home/Paddy Kelly's
10. Bergen
11. Anascaul Polka/Pat Enright's/Joe Wilson's
12. Bonny Light Horesman
13. Miss Maule's/Alta's Reel/The Five of Diamonds/The Pilltown Reel
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