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The Clancy Children - So Early In the Morning

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This album gives a fair idea of what might be sung or played in the kitchen of an Irish house as late as the early '60s.

Track Listing

1. Mitty Matty Had A Hen

2. Shelly Kee Bookey

3. Big Ship Sailing, A

4. Rain, Rain

5. When I Was Young

6. Three Gray Geese

7. Tom, Tom

8. Red Fox, The

9. Frosty Weather

10. Oliver Twist

11. Mammy, Mammy

12. Seotin Seo

13. Frog In The Well

14. See Saw

15. She Didn't Dance

16. As I Went Up An Apple Tree

17. Around To The Butcher's Shop

18. Paddy On The Railway

19. Oh Rodger Rum

20. There Was An Old Man At The Fair

21. Goodie On The Saucer

22. One, Two, Three

23. Dance To Your Daddy

24. Old Nanny Witch

25. King Of The Castle

26. O-Row Shay

27. Jeremiah, Blow The Fire

28. Wall Flowers

29. I've Come All The Way From Dublin

30. Coming To Work, Sir

31. Bread Rhyme

32. Postman, Postman

33. Man Of Double Deed, A

34. Are You Ready For A War?

35. Wren Song, The

36. Sally Go 'Round The Moon

37. Old Nanny Gray

38. Why Don't You Get Johnny's Supper?

39. Ahem, Ahem

40. She Can Knit

41. Soldier, Soldier

42. All Along

43. Oro My Little Boat

44. As I Roved Out

45. Paper of Pins

46. Rattlin' Bog, The
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