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the Corrs- Unplugged

the Corrs- Unplugged
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The Corrs: Unplugged, sits the Gorgeous Family down to a night of wowing an audience in the Ardmore Studios in Ireland - but, it has to be said, most are too spellbound to say a word.

From the outset, the performers draw you into their tightly knit circle with an attitude that is more about come-in-and-have-a-good-time-while-we-just-happen-to-sing, rather than we-hope-you-enjoy-our-stuff.

They are confident, relaxed and their presence suits the informality of the unplugged genre. Lead singer Andrea has a clear, strong voice and it gives gives the band some soul, she also plays a mean tin whistle.

I would challenge anyone with even the smallest drop of Celtic blood to not be set to dance a jig or a reel during her playing in Toss the Feathers or Lough Erin Shore.

1. Intro
2. Only When I sleep
3. What Can I DO
4. Radio
5. Toss the Feathers
6. Everybody Hurts
7. Dreams
8. Runaway
9. Forgiven Not Forgotten
10. At Your Side
11. Little Wing
12. No Frontiers
13. Queen of Hollywood
14. Old Town
15. Lough Erin Shore
16. So Young
17. Credits
Duration: 72 mins
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