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Dervish - Live in Palma

Item# CD-KM-9516

Dervish is one of the finest tradition based Celtic bands anywhere, and they have made their reputation by sticking to their roots, never resorting to electric instruments and rarely performing contemporary songs to garner attention. Cathy Jordan is a great bodhron player and singer, with a voice that resembles, and has the equivalent power and maneuverability of former Steeleye Span member Maddy Prior. The jigs and reels are as exciting and passionate as only the very top Irish musicians can play them. The individual musicians, especially Liam Kelly on flute and Shane McAleer on fiddle, are in that top realm, yet even when individual players are showcased the music has a collective spirit that's about band consciousness above and beyond the individual. The music is absolutely great, with 10 songs (in roughly equivalent parts Gaelic and English) and about the same number of instrumental dance tunes (which are wonderfully danceable) spread out between the two discs. ? Dirty Linen, Ltd. All rights reserved

Disc: 1

1. Packie Duigan's (Jigs) 2. Intro 3. Spailpin Fanach (Song) 4. Slip Jigs 5. Intro 6. Sheila Nee Lyer (Song) 7. Intro 8. Trip To Sligo (Reels), The 9. Intro 10. Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi (Song) 11. Molly And Johnny (Song) 12. Green Mountain, The

Disc: 2

1. I Courted A Wee Girl 2. Josefin's Waltz (Song) 3. Intro 4. Drag Her Round The Road (Reels) 5. Intro 6. Maire Mhor (Song) 7. Intro 8. I Buried Me Wife And Danced On Top Of Her (Jigs) 9. Intro 10. Hills Of Greanmore, (Song) The 11. Intro 12. Worlds End (Reels), The 13. Peata Beag (Song) 14. Intro 15. Pheigin Mo Chroi (Song) 16. Intro 17. Jim Coleman's (Mazurka/Reels) 18. Happy Birthday To Felip 19. Intro 20. Edward By Lough Eirn's Shore (Song) 21. Introductions 22. Killavil Jigs 23. Aililiu Na Gamhna

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