Derek Warfield- Bonnie Blue FlagZoom

Derek Warfield- Bonnie Blue Flag

Item# CD-DWL-004

The latest in Derek's American Civil War Series
The Musical History of the Confederate Irish

1. The Southern Wagon 2. The Wearing of the Grey 3. The Soldiers Farwell 4. Dixieland 5. The Steeplechase/ Me Love Is In America 6. Sumpter Rifles 7. The Hunley
8. The Arkansas Navvy
9. Mary O'Connor
10. Irish Davis Guards Dick Dowling
11. Red White and Blue
12. Danny Boy with Andy Cooney
13. A Nation Once Again
14. The Battle of New Orleans
15. Wrap the Green Flag Round Me Boys
16. Oh No He'll Not Need Them Again
17. Garryowen/ St. Patrick's Day
18. Irish American Soldier
19. The Bonnie Blue Flag
20. The Bivouac of the Dead

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