Down By the Glenside       Mary O'Hara

Down By the Glenside Mary O'Hara

Down By the Glenside Mary O'Hara
Item# CD-RYKO-1055x


1. Haigh Didil Dum Listen Listen 2. Carraig Donn Listen Listen 3. The Fron Song Listen Listen 4. Oro Mo Bhaidin Listen Listen 5. Jackets Green Listen Listen 6. Seoladh Na Ngamhna (Driving The Calves) Listen 7. Wexford Mummer's Song Listen 8. Sliabh Na Mban (The Mountain Of The Women) Listen 9. The Gartan Mother's Lullaby Listen 10. Down By The Glenside Listen 11. Maidrin Ruadh (The Little Fox) Listen 12. Silent O Moyle (The Song Of Fionnuala) Listen 13. Dia Luain Dia Mairt (Monday, Tuesday) Listen 14. Farewell, But Whatever Listen 15. The Lepreehaun Listen 16. Na Leanbhai I Mbeithil (The Children In Bethlehem) Listen 17. The Famine Song Listen 18. She Didn't Dance

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