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Enya- Paint The Sky With Stars

Item# CD-WEA-46835
Enya represents the true meaning of artist. She is so talented and pure in every sense of the word. Her songs will flow in your hearts forever. "Orinoco Flow" is an uplifting song but yet angelic sounding with all the harmonies and background instruments. "Paint The Sky With Stars" is reflective and graceful to the point that I felt like I was floating in the heavens and what a great place to escape to. "Watermark" is captivating,graceful,angelic and heavenly all rolled into one.

1. Orinoco Flow
2. Caribbean Blue
3. Book of Days
4. Anywhere Is
5. Only If...
6. Celts
7. China Roses
8. Shepherd Moons
9. Ebudae
10. Storms in Africa
11. Watermark
12. Paint the Sky with Stars
13. Marble Halls
14. On My Way Home
15. Memory of Trees
16. Boadicea
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