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Flogging Molly- SWAGGER

Item# CD-SD-1219
Flogging Molly's debut studio release is simply phenomenal. Their Guiness-soaked lyrics and melodies will have you singing and dancing in the streets. Tell the Pogues to step aside, becasue these guys(and gal) are better musicians and write lyrics that make the Pogues seem like a high school marching band. One listen to Flogging Molly and you will be instantly addicted. This album is wonderful from begining to end. You'll start rock with "Salty Dog" and then they leave cryin' in yer whiskey with "Far Away Boys"(my personal favorite). This album must be added to your collection along with their four other albums. (Review By Liam Patrick Holt, (Chattanooga, TN)

1. Salty Dog
2. Selfish Man
3. Worst Day Since Yesterday
4. Every Dog Has Its Day
5. Life in a Tenement Square
6. Ol' Beggars Bush
7. Likes of You Again
8. Black Friday Rule
9. Grace of God Go I
10. Devil's Dance Floor
11. These Exiled Years
12. Sentimental Johnny
13. Far Away Boys
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