Iarla ӠLionaird - I Could Read The SkyZoom

Iarla ӠLionaird - I Could Read The Sky

Item# CD-NM-48815

Iarla ӠLionird is best known as lead vocalist for Afro-Celt Sound System - but also as one of Ireland's premier sean nssingers, acclaimed for his fresh interpretations of traditional music from very ancient Gaelic roots with a daringly innovative, modern sensibility. As composer and arranger for this album, he drew on a roster of Irish All Stars, including Sinad O'Connor (heard here in a duet with ӠLionird), Seattle-based fiddler Martin Hayes, Pogues member Tommy McMenanam, concertina master Noel Hill, and others.

Dream/Taidhreamh / I'm Stretched On Your Grave/T me Snte Ar Do Thuama ? Mother / In England / The King Iron and Gold / The Old Road to Garry / Consecrate / Knuckles to the Marrow / Prayer/rnai / Grace/Grata D頕 Rosin Dubh The Mountains of Pomeroy / Singing Bird


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