James Galway and The Chieftains- In Ireland

James Galway and The Chieftains- In Ireland
Irish musician James Galway, known for his New Age influenced Celtic music, played primarily on woodwinds, join Irish folk heros the Chieftains for a set which celebrates their beloved Emerald Isle. This inspired union performs a set of 14 songs, including such classics as "Crowley's Reel," "Mabel Kelly," "Carolan's Concerto" and the all-time standard "Danny Boy."

1. Roches Favourite (Set Dance)
2. Fanny Power/Mabel Kelly/O'Carolan's Concerto
3. Carrickfergus (Air)
4. Down By The Sally Gardens (Air)
5. Give Me Your Hand (Composed in 1603 by the blind Derry harpist Rory Dall O'Cathan
6. She Moved Through The Fair (Flute Solo)
7. The Red Admiral Butterfly (Slip Jig)
8. Danny Boy (Air)
9. Crowley's Reel
10. Tristan And Isolde (Love Theme and March from the film, composed by Paddy Moloney)
11. Alleluia
12. When You And I Were Young, Maggie
13. The Humor Of Kilfenora/The Independent (Hornpipes)
14. Avondale (Air)
15. Up And About (Kerry Slides)
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