The Kennedys- 1900 to 1980Zoom

The Kennedys- 1900 to 1980

Item# VHS-S-903
From Joseph Kennedy's rise on Wall Street and then in government, through John Kennedy's presidency to Edward Kennedy's fall at Chappaquidick and eventual withdrawl from the 1980 presidential race, The Kennedys explores the building legend, a story in part created and brilliantly promoted by the family itself, a story whose afterglow still captures the American imagination.

Featuring extensive interviews with family members, friends and first had witnesses to the many chapters of the Kennedy saga, and using a wealth of stll photographs and archival footage, this production is the first comprehensive documentary look at the shaping of the Kennedy fortune and dynasty by the family's patriarch and master builder, Jospeh P. Kennedy. His expectations for his sons- Joseph Jr., John, Robert and Edward would drive each of them to heights he could never reach himself.
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