The Kennedy Years

Item# CD-R-Kennedy

Capture the essence of the men, the era, the legends through speeches by JFK, RFK and others on this wonderful historical CD. Perfect for student projects and history buffs. 33 Tracks
1. Introduction
2. Pre-election Speech Of Senator Kennedy
3. Jfk Oath Of Office
4. Inaugural Address Of JFK
5. Presidential Press Conference
6. JFK Speech On Spaceflight
7. JFK Speech On Cuban Crisis
8. JFK Speech On Houston 11/22/63
9. Newscaster On JFK Possibility Of Assassination
10. Continuation Of Houston Speech
11. Newscast Of Asassination 12. Eyewitness Account Of Assassination
13. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson
14. Senator Barry Goldwater 15. General Dwight D. Eisenhower
16. Prime Minister Sir Alex Hume
17. His Holiness Pope Paul VI
18. President Johnson
19. Eulogy - Taps
20. Digest Of Warren Report
21. Newscaster Reports RFK Statement On Warren Report
22. RFK Dem. Senate Nom. Acceptance
23. FDR Jr. 'dirty Politics' Interview
24. N. Rockefeller 'National Tragedy' Statement
25. RFK Victory Speech As Senator Elect
26. RFK On LBJ Withdrawal
27. RFK Indiana Victory
28. Oregon Defeat
29. RFK California Victory Speech
30. Shooting
31. LBJ Address To Nation
32. Death Announcement
33. Eulogy (Ted Kennedy)
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