Lady of Knock Sheet Music Download & HardcopyZoom

Lady of Knock Sheet Music Download & Hardcopy

Lady of Knock Sheet Music Download & Hardcopy
Item# D-LK-1097
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
This very popular song is a favorite at celebrations, memorials and masses of all kinds. Thousands have called and emailed needing the sheetmusic within a matter of hours. We have always had to turn them down. We have now made it possible to use it immediately for your event while the hardcopy is in transit.

You are purchasing a hard copy that will be shipped in the manner you choose at check out. There will also be a download button at the completion of your order to download your temporary copy to your computer.

You will, of course, destroy the PDF version when your hardcopy arrives and your purchase of this code number constitutes an agreement that legally commits you to do so. The PDF (Portable Document File) is provided merely as a temporary courtesy and is not final product.
Faxing of Sheet Music is not available.

A program compatible with PDF file format is required to view the downloaded sheet music. Adobe Reader is the most popular and it is free. Most people already have it as it is among the words most popular free programs, if you do not, you can download it from ADOBE

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