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Liz Carroll - Lost In The Loop

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Lost in the Loop is a tour de force of musicianship and spirit, a celebration of the Irish fiddle tradition and its possibilities. Liz Carroll is clearly at the top of her game, and reveling in it. Her tone is sweet, round, assured and even sassy.


1) Sevens/Michael Kennedy's/The Cup Of Tea (Reels)

2) The Champaign Jig Goes To Columbia/Pat And Al's (Jigs)

3) See It There/Con Cassidy's (Slow Reels)

4) The Golden Legs/The Flogging Reel (Reels)

5) Lament Of The First Generation (Air)

6) The Drunken Sailor/The Bag Of Spuds (Hornpipe And Reel)

7) The Old Maid Of Galway/Lizzy In The Lowground (Reels)

8) The Crow In The Sun (Air)

9) The Ugly Duckling (Tune)

10) On The Boulevard/Crabs In The Skillet (Jigs)

11) Letter To Peter Pan (Tune)

12) The Silver Spear/The Earl's Chair/The Musical Priest (Reels)

13) The Didda/Fly And Dodger (Tunes)

14) Lost In The Loop (Reel)

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