Niamh Parsons- Blackbirds & Thrushes

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Irish songbird Niamh Parsons has built an esteemed career fronting the Celtic band Arcady and her own band, the Loose Connections, but also as a soloist with a catalog that sprawls from magnificent-days-of-yore balladry to contemporary rockist folk. Taking flight here on the lissome and lovely Blackbirds & Thrushes, Parsons flitters and soars with her silver-water voice spinning gold from traditional tunes largely learned from other singers at the renowned Goilan singers club. TRACKS:
1. Blackbirds and Thrushes/The Blackbird Waltz
2. Flower of Finae
3. Sally Sits Weeping
4. Kilnamartyra Exile
5. Fear a Bhata
6. Banks of the Nile
7. Water Is Wide
8. Maid on the Shore
9. Wounded Huzzar
10. Alexander
11. Droimeann Donn Dílis
12. Flower of Magherally O
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