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Paul Brady Songbook

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One of the most versatile and creative musicians ever to come out of Ireland, Paul Brady has distinguished himself in a number of arenas: folk troubadour, full-throttle rocker, soul-infused pop songwriter, and a dynamic, engaging live performer. The Paul Brady Songbook, undertaken by Irish Public Television as a comprehensive document of Brady's many musical facets, is the first release to thoroughly integrate the strands of his remarkable career.
Track Listing (CD)
1. Oh What A World
2. The Long Goodbye
3. I Will Be There
4. Nobody Knows
5. I Believe in Magic
6. Blue World
7. Crazy Dreams (mp3Audio)
8. Nothing But The Same Old Story
9. Helpless Heart
10. Follow On
11. The World Is What You Make It
12. The Homes of Donegal
13. The Hawana Way - Bonus Studio Track
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