Paddy Noonan's Irish Variety ConcertZoom

Paddy Noonan's Irish Variety Concert

Item# CD-R-3019A
Featuring Paddy Noonan, Cleo Meaney, John Scot Trotter and Seamus Greene
Includes John's recertation of Little Irish Mother

Ladies Pantelets/St. Anne's Reel [Paddy Noonan Band]
Orange and the Green [Seamus Greene]
Roads of Kildare [Cleo Meaney & Seamus Greene]
Mass Rock in the Glen [John Scot Trotter]
Danny Boy [Cleo Meaney]
Nine Penny Fiddle [Cleo Meaney]
Little Irish Mother [John Scot Trotter]
Dear Old Donegal [John Scot Trotter]
Sean Dun Na nGall [Paddy Noonan]
Doonaree [Cleo Meaney]
Take Her In Your Arms [Seamus Greene]
Hornpipe [Dancing by Seamus Greene]
Money Mor [John Scot Trotter]
Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry [Cleo Meaney] Finale
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