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Paddy Reilly- Come Back Paddy Reilly

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Paddy Reilly is regarded as the all-time of Irish ballad singers, an accolade bestowed on him no less than the late, legendary Luke Kelly of the Dubliners. His album sales are phenomenal and a Paddy Reilly concert is an experience that has thrilled and enthralled audiences across the U.S, Australia, U.K. and his homeland, Ireland. His "Field of Athenry" is possibly the best selling single of all time. Listen to this man and understand why.

1. Rainy Night in Soho
2. My Lovley Rose of Clare
3. The Made Lady & Me
4. Snowy Breasted Pearl
5. Missing You
6. Mary From Dungloe
7. Long Before Your Time
8. Come Back Paddy Reilly
9. The Old Rustic Bridge
10. Rose of Allendale
11. The Parting
12. Song for Ireland
13. Go Lassie go
14. Dublin My Dublin

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