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Dorothy McManus - Homes Around Ballinahoe

Item# D-COP-DWL-PM-7
Dorothy is one of the great stories of Irish music in America. A huge star of the east coast concert and dance hall scene of the 40's and 50's she was singing at the outbreak of the "Great Boston Dance Hall Fire" in the 50's. She was discovered alive in pile of the less fortunate dead by a fireman who saw something move. Hundreds of Irish immigrants and Irish Americans died that nite and many of the fire safety laws we take for granted today are because of that fire. Dorothy, badly burned, with many cutting edge "plastic surguries" recovered the best she could and went on to do radio in Boston but her amazing public performance career was over. Our famous Copley recordings available here for download only, are all the world has to remember the talant of this tremendous Copley recording artist.
Not on CD - Previously only on early Copley vinyl.
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