Traditional Irish Music In America- ChicagoZoom

Traditional Irish Music In America- Chicago

Item# CD-R-6006
This album is a lively portrait of one of the most vibrant and colorful Irish music centers in America, an exciting blend of tradition and innovation featuring standout performances on pipes, flute, fiddle, concertina, accordion, paino and sean-nos singing by some of the most influenctial Irish & American players of the 20th Century.

1 "The New Steampacket/The Bucks of Oranmore/The Milliner's Daughter Reels" 3:10
2 "Scatter the Mud/Fasten the Leggin [Jigs]" 2:55
3 "The Merry Harriers [Reel]" 1:33
4 "O'Keeffe's Plough/The Merry Blacksmith Reels" 2:54
5 "The Battering Ram [Jig]" 2:14
6 "Jim Kennedy's Favorite [Reel]"
7 "Around the World for Sport [Reel]"
8 "An Caisideach Bán (Fair Cassidy) [Song]" 3:44
9 "Tom Ash's March-Irish Freedom March [Marches]"
10 "The Barrell Organ [Slide] [Mix]"
11 "The Queen's Polka [Polka]"
12 "The Man from Glountane [Hornpipe]"
13 "Katie Scollard's Slide-Regan's Slide [Slides]"
14 "Táímse Im Chodladh (I Am Asleep) [Song]"
15 "The Green Fields of Kerry-Paddy O'Brien's #2 [Jigs]"
16 "The Land of Sunshine [Reel]"
17 "Brendon McGlinchey's Reel #1/The New Ivy Leaf Reels"
18 "Catherine McEvoy's/Arkle Mountain Reels" 2:25
19 "The Green Mountain/Eddie Kelly's/Love at the Endings Reels"
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