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The Wedding Song Collection

The Wedding Song Collection
Item# CD-REGO-3013B

The Wedding Song Collection
This production by our famous Rego Irish Records artists has proven to be one of the most popular Irish Music collections ever released.
For that very special day, this collection features 14 of the most popular songs associated with a wedding. An ideal shower or wedding gift. Simply a must for any wedding, especially an Irish one.

This is the original Rego recording, while often imitated it has never been matched!

Featuring Andy Cooney, Paddy Noonan, Tony Kenny, Sonny Knowles, Deirdre Reilly, Pat Roper, Sheila Noonan, and Carl Corcoran.

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Irish Wedding Song - Andy Cooney
My Son - Sonny Knowles
Mother - Tony Kenny
Daughter of Mine - Andy Coony
You Touched Upon My Life - Andy Cooney
The Voyage- Tony Kenny
The Vows Go Unbroken Andy & Deirdre Reilly
Gown of White - Pat Roper
Seige of Ennis - Paddy Noonan
I'll Never Find Another You - Sheila Noonan & Dermot O'Brien
Forever and More - Carl Corcoran
It's Our Anniversary - Sheila Noonan & Dermot O'Brien
The Only One - Carl Corcoran
Old Time Irish Waltz Medley - Paddy Noonan


Here they stand hand in hand
they've exchanged wedding bands
Today is the day of their dreams and their plans,
and all we who love them just wanted to say.
May God bless this couple who married today
In good times and bad times in sickness and health
may they know that riches are not needed for wealth
and help them face problems they'll meet on their way
Oh god bless this couple who married today
May they find peace of mind comes to all who are kind
May the rough times ahead become triumphs in time
May their children be happy each day
Oh God bless this family who started today
As they go may they know every love that was shown
And as life it gets shorter may their feelings grow
Wherever they travel wherever they stay
May God bless this couple who married today ....

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1.  Irish Wedding Song, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
2.  Voyage, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
3.  Forever And MoreRealPlayerWindows Media Player
4.  I'll Never Find Another YouRealPlayerRealPlayerWindows Media Player
6.  My SonRealPlayerWindows Media Player
7.  MotherRealPlayerWindows Media Player
8.  Only One, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
9.  It's Our AnniversaryRealPlayerWindows Media Player
10.  You Touched Upon My LifeRealPlayerWindows Media Player
11.  Gown Of WhiteRealPlayerWindows Media Player
12.  Vows Go Unbroken, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
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