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The WolfeTones' Derek Warfield GOD SAVE IRELAND

The WolfeTones' Derek Warfield GOD SAVE IRELAND
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“Ballads are among the foremost of our native Irish traditions and are a literary, poetic and musical expression of the Irish people,” Warfield said. “Their contents, songs, and stories reveal the multitude of issues that were and are important to the communities throughout our land. It’s my hope that listening to this collection of songs will inspire in listeners a love for Ireland and an appreciation for preserving what so many patriots, known and unknown, fought, sacrificed, and even died to defend.”

The album is accompanied by extensive liner notes, in a 28-page booklet that gives complete lyrics to each song and provides historical information that recounts the story of each song and its significance in the history of Ireland. For example, the lyrics to the popular ballad “James Connolly” are prefaced by an extensive biography of this famous Irish martyr of the 1916 Rising in Dublin, noting his role to the displaced Irish in Scotland, England, the United States, and Canada in the early decades of the twentieth century. Each story Warfield tells in his liner notes, as in live performance, is imbued with his personal touch, putting the history in context with anecdotes from his own life and those of his own ancestors. Any Irish music lover will find that the liner notes shed new light and an enhanced appreciation for the significance of Irish balladry as a vehicle for patriotism and collective national memory.

Warfield, a singer, songwriter, mandolin player, and noted historian, was a charismatic founding member of the celebrated Irish rebel songsters the Wolfe Tones. He is widely considered a seminal figure on the Irish music scene, and continues to tour the world, taking with him the story of Ireland—a story he has championed for more than 40 years. Accompanied by the Sons of Erin band, Derek Warfield's newest release is energetic and embued with the passion that has kindled his fiery ballad singing throughout his career.

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Track ListingRealPlayerWindows Media Player
1.  Wrap The Green Flag Round Me BoysRealPlayerWindows Media Player
2.  Irish Soldier Laddie, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
3.  Holy Ground, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
4.  Wild Rover, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
5.  Finnegans WakeRealPlayerWindows Media Player
6.  Broad Black Brimmer, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
7.  Ill Tell Me MaRealPlayerWindows Media Player
8.  MedleyRealPlayerWindows Media Player
9.  Four Green FieldsRealPlayerWindows Media Player
10.  James Connolly PoemRealPlayerWindows Media Player
11.  James ConnollyRealPlayerWindows Media Player
12.  Hail Glorious St. PatrickRealPlayerWindows Media Player
13.  MedleyRealPlayerWindows Media Player
14.  Roll Of HonourRealPlayerWindows Media Player
15.  Smashing Of The Van, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
16.  Men Behind The Wire, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
17.  Soldiers Song, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player

Disc 2:
1.  Merry PlougboyRealPlayerWindows Media Player
2.  Get OUt Ye Black And TansRealPlayerWindows Media Player
3.  Man From Mullingar, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
4.  Patriot Game, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
5.  Foggy Dew, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
6.  Bowdenstown ChurchyardRealPlayerWindows Media Player
7.  MedleyRealPlayerWindows Media Player
8.  Ballad Of Long Kesh, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
9.  I Love Old Irleand StillRealPlayerWindows Media Player
10.  Big Strong Man, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
11.  Patsy FaganRealPlayerWindows Media Player
12.  Galway Races, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
13.  MedleyRealPlayerWindows Media Player
14.  Piper That Played Before Moses, TheRealPlayerWindows Media Player
15.  Some Say The Devil Is DeadRealPlayerWindows Media Player
16.  God Save IrelandRealPlayerWindows Media Player
17.  Boys Of The Old BrigadeRealPlayerWindows Media Player
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  Album Description  
Personnel: Chris Kavanaugh, Pearce Warfield, Peter Wrafter, Derek Keane (vocals); Joe O'Rourke (guitar); Martin Cooney (banjo); Damaris Woods (tenor banjo); Seamus Shannon (accordion); Des Sheeran (bass instrument).

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  Album Information  
Release Date2006
GenreIrish, Celtic, Patriotic, Ballad
LabelKells Music
DistributorIrish Music Corporation
Country of OriginUSA
EngineerSeamus Cullinan
ProducerTom McGrath
Catalog Number71472
Original Release Year2006
# of Discs2
Studio / LiveStudio
Mono / StereoStereo