No. 2 Patrick StreetZoom

No. 2 Patrick Street

Item# CD-GL-1088
Another giant of an album from these respected musicians. Patrick Street's combination of great traditional style with virtuosic talent causes one to feel that the musicians are playing both for themselves and for the listener. On No. 2 Patrick Street (GLCD1088) the lift in their playing is unmatchable; their total performance is spellbinding.
1. John Mckenna's Jigs
2. Braes of Moneymore
3. Hard by Seifin/Woodcock Hill
4. Tom Joad
5. Benton's Jig/Benton's Dream
6. William Taylor
7. Caherlistrane Jig/Gallowglass Jig/Kanturk Jig
8. Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhrán/Jack Keane's Reel
9. Facing the Chair
10. Sweeney's Wheel
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