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Patrick Street- Irish Times

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The Irish "supergroup" Patrick Street began with four recognized masters - Kevin Burke (ex-Bothy Band), singer/bouzouki player Andy Irvine (ex-Planxty), Jackie Daly (ex-De Dannan), and multi-instrumentalist Ged Foley (formerly of the Battlefield Band, and now in The House Band)-joining forces for a tour in 1986. Over a decade later, the group has now reached "legendary" status. Billboard has called their music "mesmerizing" and their albums "a must for those who love Irish music."

1. Music for a Found Harmonium
2. Brackagh Hill
3. Brian O'Lynn-The Wood of Old Limerick
4. Strokestown
5. The Newmarket Polkas
6. A Forgotten Hero
7. Doorus Mill
8. In the Land of Patagarang
9. Boston O'Connor/John Gaffney' Fling
10. The Humours of the King of Ballyhooley
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